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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 2

May 9, 2019 by adeleadele
Billie. J MudkipzFTW
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Gerard. B Bvance1212
Jake. A Jasoi
James. W gabrieltrezza
Jessica. W Tommy123
Lola. L LeonM1996
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

                                                      Episode 2- First Death 💀

                                                         NIGHT 1- 10:00 PM

*The lights in the Death House are about to go out, the houseguests are unaware of the pitch blackness that will await them for the night*

Carrie- I am seriously freaked out right now.

James- Gurl I’m more paranoid than freaked out, who the fuck is the killer, REVEAL YOURSELF!

Lola- It could be you.

James- HAHA funny!

Ryan- Let’s not be paranoid guys.

Cindy- Gurl please, I would wanna know who be killing bitches up in here RIGHT AWAY! I will be having one and one talks with every single one of you.

Gerard- Haha funny.

*The lights go out*


Billie- I can’t see a thing! I’ve not seen a room this dark since my lightbulb in my house went out

Damien- Uhh you're so random.

Billie- I know!

Praskovya- I freaking out!

Jessica- Maybe I can sing too calm you all down?

Cindy- Uhh no thank you

*Jessica begins singing Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift*

Gerard- Wow Jessica ur very talented!

*Lola cheers*

*Jessica finishes singing*

Jessica- Why thank you!

*A loud piercing ear-deafening scream is heard, it sounds like its from a girl*


Ryan- Is someone just joking?


Cindy- I just wanna sleep :( Its too dark I can’t find the bedroom.

James- I kinda know where one is? I was looking around the house a lot before the last houseguest came in, I will try to find it sistas!

Carrie- Thanks :)

*James manages to find a bedroom after 30 minutes*

James- Yass omg I feel a bed! I think there were like 4 or something in here from what I remember! Just listen to my screams

*James screams*

*The houseguests make their way into the bedroom, but  Jake is struggling to find his way*

Jake- I don’t know where I am.

*All the houseguests but Jake make it to the bedroom, two of the beds are taken up by 3 people*

Jake- I might as well sleep on this random couch I bumped into.

*The houseguests go to sleep, still frightened*

                                                         DAY 2- 6: AM

*The lights suddenly turn on and an alarm goes off*

James- Omg that's so loud!

Jessica- Good morning everyone!

Carrie- We need to see who died!

*Jake slept on the living room couch*

*Billie’s body is on the floor, her throat was slit and her stomach was stabbed several times*


Seth- :( I felt like we could have been good friends.

Praskovya- What we do with the body?

Ryan- Well, we can’t access the backyard. So I don’t know.

Cindy- Let’s just put her in a room far away.

Lola- Good idea!

Gerard- I don’t mean to be paranoid, but Jake was the only one in the living room while the rest of us were in the bedroom, that seems very suspicious.

Seth- That’s EXTREMELY suspicious.

Jake- I could not find my way to the bedroom.

Damien- Everyone else did though, you were busy cutting up Billie.

*Jake ignores*

Cindy- He’s quiet too. He’s literally the definition of a killer.

Jake- I don’t know how to prove it wasn't me.

Lola- Honestly it’s too early for this shit.

8:04 AM

*Gerard, Cindy, Carrie, and Lola are in the kitchen making breakfast*

Gerard- Do we still think the killer is Jake?

Carrie- Honestly I think it is.

Cindy- I mean yeah, but it’s too obvious.

Lola- I feel like we don’t have another option.

Cindy- I have another option, that bitch Jessica. Singing and shit in the middle of an awful situation.

Carrie- At Least it was good singing.

Cindy- She’s playing the nice girl act, she acts like she owns the place. I honestly think it’s Jessica.

Gerard- I agree, but who knows.

*Gerard in the diary room*

Gerard- My plan going into this game is too make an alliance with at least half the house, just so we can keep each other safe. I trust Cindy, Lola, and Carrie 100%, I know Cindy loves James as well.

Gerard- Honestly I think us four should stick together till the end!

Carrie- I agree! We should always have each other's backs!

Cindy- We need to get James, we need a gay one!

*Cindy gets James*

Cindy- Ok I think us 5 should stick together.

James- Omg yas bitch, I stan this!

Gerard- None of us is the killer right?

Carrie- Not that I’m aware of!

Lola- Me either!

James- Nope!

Cindy- Yes I’m the killer imma slit your throat!

*The group laughs*

12:34 PM

*Praskovya and Ryan have a chat*

Ryan- I feel like us 2 and Jake are the odd ones out.

Praskovya- I very much agree! I think Jake the killer though.

Ryan- I’m not so sure honestly.

Praskovya- I do think it's him! Who else could it be?

Ryan- Hmm I guess ur right, I don’t know.

*Jake walks by*

Ryan- Hey Jake!

Jake- Hey :/

Ryan- Wanna chat?

Jake- Eh not really.

Ryan- I don’t think you're the killer, but you need to convince the houseguests that you are not.

Jake- I’m not good at talking really.

Ryan- I can tell you're a cool guy, just make an effort and talking to people more.

Jake- Thanks.

Praskovya- I still think he’s the killer :/

*Jake ignores*

2:18 PM

*Jake approaches Gerard, Carrie, Cindy, James, and Lola*

Jake- Hey guys

*They ignore him*

Jake- I guess I’m the killer now haha

Gerard- Not funny.

Cindy- I lowkey thought it was but like, I was joking about me being the killer earlier.

Jake- You 5 seem very close, I know I seem very suspicious right now but maybe if we all had a chat and such you would believe I’m not the killer?

Carrie- Sure.

*The 5 have a great chat for an hour getting to know each other*

Gerard- Honestly bro, I don’t think ur the killer. Just just a cool, funny guy that likes to keep to himself.

Lola- I agree, the killer HAS to be somebody else.

Cindy- I still think it’s Jessica.

Jake- Yeah she’s way too kind and nice.

Carrie- At this point, the killer could be anyone, I have no idea who I’m gonna vote for.

Cindy- Should us 6 vote together or?

Gerard- I mean yeah?

Cindy- I wanna do Jessica, let’s all please do Jessica!

Lola- I’m good with that!

Carrie- Same!

Jake- Yep I will do her!

6:22 PM

*Damien and James are bonding*

James- Honestly from the moment I walked in I thought we had a connection.

Damien- I agree!

James- Like not just a friend connection, like I have a crush on you connection.

Damien- Same!

*Damien in the diary room*

Damien- James is not really my type. He’s way too… Gay, like i, can be flamboyant too but not to his level. I will just have to be fake with him so he does not think I’m the killer or votes me. I’m in a tough position.

8:00 PM
*Adele appears on the tv*


*Episode ends*

Will you vote based on your storylines?

Or will you vote based on personal reasons outside the story?

Or will you throw random votes to shake things up?

You decide!

Mail me a single name on who you think the killer is! You have till 10:00 AM EST to vote! If you don’t vote you will get a self vote, 2 self votes and your gone.



... fuck you whoever did that Billie was precious
Sent by MudkipzFTW,May 9, 2019

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