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  1. Why isn't hunger games filling fast nowadays?
  2. pubg mobile anyone?
  4. hellooo
  5. Miss you all
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  9. Which is that site
  10. Revival Rankings
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  13. About the fundraiser
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  16. Eminem is back!
  17. Happy belated Birthday, Sara <3
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  20. Survivor India: Season 2
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  22. thankyou so much!
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  25. Who wants a gift
  26. any good coder here?
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  28. what is a chembot?
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  33. thankyou so much! :D
  34. the site looks ugly
  35. Happy Birthday Alicia <3
  36. Join filling crookies
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  38. who wants a gift
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  40. donate please

Thankyou to

7thDec 10, 2017 by acyuta
Vanili - 310,
taraG - 100,
m7md26 - 50
Yoshitomi - 100
Makingallfall2 - 20,
Irelia 10,
Bronc 20,
K4r4k - 15,
Eliserose - 15,
Maturo - 10
Thumper91 - 10,
Brandt - 10,
Tyler - 10
Jayden - 10


Guys please make sure to help him! It’s very important!
Sent by Willie_,Dec 10, 2017
Thankyou so much my brother Willie_ <3
Sent by acyuta,Dec 10, 2017
Dammit! I'm low on cash ATM :/

If I could, I'd donate! If it's still needed in early 2018, I can donate
Sent by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge,Dec 10, 2017
Aww thankyou so much, means a lot :) Deadline is 18th so if you can share this with your friends or relatives.. would mean alot.. thankyou so much <3 Jackedgeakatheedge
Sent by acyuta,Dec 10, 2017
Eliotwhi gofundme doesn't work in my country :( Thankyou so much!
Sent by acyuta,Dec 10, 2017
"I've got 7 donations summing up to 170$. Not even half the goal amount I needed.. Atleast if it was around 40-50% i wouldn't be requesting.."

This is not a way to get people to give you money.
Sent by chameleoneyes,Dec 10, 2017
chameleoneyes yes, I changed it.. I'm bad at writing things :p..
Sent by acyuta,Dec 10, 2017
I'm only 13 and can't help, but, I suggest going on more sights and asking ( is an example) or social media. Hope u get the money.
Sent by Birks,Dec 10, 2017
Hey bro I get paid Friday if i am able to after i pay the bills i will for sure donate what i can
Sent by cswaggerr,Dec 10, 2017
Thank you so much bro .. :) cswaggerr
Sent by acyuta,Dec 11, 2017
anyway to donate from canada? wont let me select anything but usd
Sent by Brandt69,Dec 11, 2017
i unfortunately can't donate myself, but i wish you luck!:)
Sent by deeannamorgan,Dec 11, 2017
Every month I donate to a local animal rescue near me. I donated to you instead this month. You don't have to pay me back, but remember when you are done school, and get a good job, monthly donations to animal rescues help them a lot!
Sent by TaraG,Dec 11, 2017
tarag.. that just shows the beautiful human being u are.. I love animals too , u can check my profile and I plan to be an animal rights activist along with a good job as soon as I graduate.. will be in touch with u for sure..
Sent by acyuta,Dec 11, 2017
As soon as I get paid I’ll help <3
Sent by jsylvia76,Dec 11, 2017
Good luck, you deserve the best <3
Sent by sandym89,Dec 12, 2017

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