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Skype Challenges For Dummies

2ndOct 14, 2010 by WillyEx
imageI was bored and I came up with a great idea that no one has come up with yet. Here is a list of every Skype game challenge, I know I probably left out some challenges, but I just put the most popular ones. If a Skype game host runs out of ideas he can just open up this boo- I mean blog and get some ideas XD

In alphabetically order the host will go down the line asking the players who's stick they want to remove, once someone runs out of sticks they are eliminated from the challenge, the game goes on until one person is left standing. The host chooses how many sticks every single person starts off with.

The host will post a sentence on lower case and you will have to post it back on upper case to prevent people from just copying and pasting it back. The first person to do so wins or gains a point.

The host will post a bunch of dots, sometimes they will be together, sometimes they will be spaced out or behind a letter, but you will have to count them quick and post your answer as soon as possible, the first person to get the answer correct wins. Some hosts have rules that you can only guess/answer once so if your first answer is incorrect you cannot keep answering/guessing.

The host will ask a series of questions, with two choice options(Ex: Vanilla/Chocolate as the two options) Each contestant must select an option. Those who select with the majority moves on, while those in the minority are eliminated. (Ex: Out of 6 players, 2 said Vanilla and the other 4 said Chocolate then the 2 people who said Vanilla are out) The game keeps going until there is 2 left, then the host can do whatever s/he wants as a "Tie Breaker" most host ask the 2 people left to guess a number from 1-100, closer to the number without going over wins.

Same as "Majority rules" but those who select with the minority moves on, those who select with the majority are eliminated. (Ex: Out of 6 people, 4 said Facebook and the other 2 said Myspace, then the 4 people who said Facebook are eliminated) If it comes down to 2 people then the host can do whatever s/he pleases as a tie breaker.

Most Skype games hosts do this luck challenge as the first challenge. There will be numbers depending on how many people there is playing (Ex: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) then the host will go down the line asking the players to choose a number, some of the numbers are the "bomb" and the rest are "safe" those who choose the bomb are out, the ones who chose the safe number move on to next round, keeps going until there is one person standing.

This challenge is really similar to "Number bomb" but there is only one bomb, unlike number bomb. whoever chooses the bomb is out and everyone else moves on to new round where a new bomb is set.

This challenge is simple to explain. The host will post a series of emoticons on the same post, The players will then have to type it back, but backward. First to do so wins or gains a point, depending how the host is doing it.

The previous HOH(in some cases the first person to choose is a random person decided by chooses someone in the challenge to be eliminated from the challenge, then the eliminated person picks someone else to also be eliminated, so on and so forth, 'til one person is left standing.

This is another simple challenge, the host will post a letter and you will have to post a four-letter word that starts with that letter. First person to do so wins the challenge or gains a point, all depending on what the hosts wants.

Same as "Quad" but instead of four-letter word is a five-letter word. The host posts a letter, you post back a five-letter word. First to do so wins or gains a point.

The Host will post the alphabet on one post, some letters will be missing, you will have to figure out which letters are missing and you will have to make a word out of the missing letters and post your answer. First person to do so wins or gains a point.

The host will post a set of emoticons. Similar to real life "Musical chairs", the contestants must respond with just 1 of the emoticons. However, the catch is that once an emoticon has been used, it can't be used again therefore you'll have to try and get one that haven't been picked yet quick. Similarly to musical chairs, there will be one less emoticon than there are players. For that reason, one person will get eliminated every round.

The host will tell you something or someone that he wants you to get a picture of, and you will have to quickly post the direct link. First to do so wins or gains a point.

This challenge is really simple, the host will post ONE emoticon and you'll have to post it back. First to do so wins or gains a point.

The host will post the name(s) of people in the hall of fame(the whole HOF, sometimes just the top 20) but the catch is that they are going to be scrambled(rippyroo for ex: oporryip) sometimes all the names are going to be scrambled together, sometimes there will be a space in between them(ex: oporryip lsharanoe which answer is Rippyroo, NoelSarah) first to post correct answer wins or gains a point.

You will have to wait for the host to say the word "Stab" then you will post the name of one of the players, if you were the first person to say the name, right after the host said "Stab" then that person who you stabbed will be out, it will keep going until there is one left standing. If you stab someone when the host didn't say "Stab" then you will be the one out. (Note: Most hosts will try to trick you by typing a word that looks like Stab, for example Stap, Stob etc)

This one is simple. The host will post a category and you will have to name something that falls on that category. (Ex: Category is color, then you post a color, like blue or red etc)

Same as "Category" but you need to answer for each letter, the letter A, B and C. (Ex: Category is Survivor contestants, then answer could be Amanda, Brian Heidik, Carolina)

The host will post a phrase, sentence, quote or a paragraph that it's inside one of the hall of famer's profile page. You will have to quickly post the name of the person it came from. First to do so gains a point or wins.

The host will make you go to the auction page to look for a design, he will say the name of the design and you have to post how much it was bought for, sometimes you have to find who made the design, who bought it or the name of the design, it all depends on how the host wants to do it. Most of the time there's a page range.

If you want me to add a challenge that is not here already then be nice enough to put the explanation with it, please :P


luvs skype games i miss playing with ya
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Oct 14, 2010
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Do i need a paying acount to play Skype games?
Sent by Rocker917,Oct 14, 2010
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+'d and commented..please return the favor
Sent by rockinplaid,Oct 14, 2010
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wow this musta took ages!!! Plus <3
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Oct 14, 2010
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read and plussed
Sent by BlueStar,Oct 14, 2010
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good job! A must-read for the new generation of skype players! <3
Sent by tinabeena,Oct 14, 2010
Sent by Laqueefsha,Oct 14, 2010
thank you i always forget what's what
Sent by Holder,Oct 14, 2010
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You forgot "Pass the Ball" I'd explain it, but I don't really know...
Sent by spongeboy541,Oct 14, 2010
Love it! Really interesting to read
Sent by soccerguy0428,Oct 14, 2010
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+10 :)
Sent by Jennifer101,Oct 14, 2010
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love ittttttttt
Sent by Akron,Oct 14, 2010
ugh ur awesome
Sent by Emmaleigh,Oct 14, 2010
I suck at skype games...
I notice some new ones.  I imagine I'll suck at them as well.
Sent by realitynerd,Oct 14, 2010
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bookmarking this. ;)
Sent by bigupboy,Oct 15, 2010
lotsa new ones since I've played
Sent by Alegeeter,Oct 15, 2010
+8 gj
Sent by cubs0707,Oct 15, 2010
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These seems like good games.

Ive never played a Skype Game tho >_>
Sent by awesome2210,Oct 15, 2010
The host will go back and post a message one of the former housetguests used...idk i've played it before.
Sent by JohnMorisson,Oct 15, 2010
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