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Blog Survivor S2: GHOST ISLAND

Jun 24, 2018 by WaffleMan
The long awaited S2 of my survivor is finally here.

1. Failure to vote or compete in a challenge will result in a strike. 5 strikes or 2 consecutive strikes you will be medically evacuated.
2. Confessionals are NOT a requirement but I would like to get some more then last season.
3.  ALL challenges are non-live or semi-live

The applications will be a simple post in the comments. 18 of you will make it into the season. The season will have 3 tribes. If 19 or more of you apply, I will ask you a quick series of questions to see who joins.

The season won't start for another 2 weeks or so.

Who will be the sole survivor who outlasts outwits and outplays all of the other contestants

Players that will or might be playing:
dan12233445566 -Dean



Sent by dan12233445566,Jun 24, 2018
I am promoting a group for my friend and I was wondering if any of you wanted some info on it. It's basically a game like risk and diplomacy, where you have to move your armies across the map while conquering supply centers to get more troops and if you get all 18 you win. While battling your opponents and making deals and backstabbing. It's pretty cool.

Here's the link -->
Sent by dan12233445566,Jun 24, 2018
Do join the group game shown above. There is 1 spot left I believe.
Sent by WaffleMan,Jun 24, 2018
I’ll join
Sent by jussy007,Jun 26, 2018
I will play!
Sent by countrysavage,Jun 26, 2018

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