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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Look that this dumb ass

Feb 6, 2024 by Wade03
bitch is psychotic


Does she have veto ?
Sent by Xyris,Feb 6, 2024
Yall are evicting her so she's getting the 58 posts she's owed out of the way
Sent by SugarLove,Feb 6, 2024
😂 well at least this it’s an interesting way to ruin. I’m also not shocked cuz she’s ruined games like that in the past. She’s notorious for it.
Sent by MatthewAlvarez,Feb 7, 2024
Not saying that it’s okay either.
Sent by MatthewAlvarez,Feb 7, 2024
Ngl I see a lot of humor in that…

like someone actually spending that much time to do that?

like someone doing that in a 58 post?

and wondering how many people will spend time negging?

Like there’s a lot of humor there
Sent by Rperduex11,Feb 7, 2024

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