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I will say

Jan 31, 2024 by Wade03
i have said some dumb choice words vs other races on this account when i was younger and didn’t think about my actions. I do know there are shitty ass people who are racist as hell and bad people. I also do feel for the other races that have to go through this every single day. I know i don’t know what it feels like to go through this but i understand how it is. But the thing i hate and don’t agree with is a lot of the time people assume, and take things out of context that isn’t even true. Like not everything is racist that comes out of someone’s mouth. Like when i was working my old retail job in 2019 i got called racist for kicking out a black male for rolling a cigarette on a table on our sales floor. Thats not me being racist that’s me kicking you out for what you are doing. He spit in my face and said i was racist for doing that. Like sir you are rolling a cigarette on our table like why do that in a store


please message me on discord or mails if i’m wrong i want to see another point of view
Sent by Wade03,Jan 31, 2024

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