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Should friendships come into play during games?

Aug 9, 2022 by Tuninho
I've been wondering while playing frooks mostly, if someone you know (friend or someone you have a good relation with) joins a game you're in and you already have an alliance, should you trow away your alliance (and your game) just for them?

Maybe you're in opposite sides. They get mad you didnt use your veto on them or you didnt vote who they told you who to vote.

I see this happening alot during games, people make blogs whining about it, calling friends fake and stuff like that.

What's your opinion???


Not if the expectations are equal and understood.
Sent by BenjaminB,Aug 9, 2022
i think that in the game, the goal is to win. if you have to betray your friends, so be it. if keeping them helps your game, keep them
Sent by 3pi14159,Aug 9, 2022
3pi14159  you literally took the words out if my mouth!
Sent by Tuninho,Aug 9, 2022

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