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My frist 1st in frookies

12thFeb 6, 2013 by Tuninho
imageYay!! Finally, after 3 year on tengaged I finally got my first place in a frookies!!

Well, actually its my first ever 1st place in any game!! Well, I wanna say thank you to my parents for creating this amazing creature ( Jk ). I actually wanna thank Tygrysek for being my best buddie in frrokies and for helping me get this 1st becouse without him I would never be in that final 2.

Shoutout to:


becouse they voted for me.

And a special shoutout to Jenniferr becouse, although she wasnt on jury, she is a great friend of mine.

Now I just need some Ts to buy dark green. And then my road is open to get Blue and red and all of the other colors. I'm here since 2010. I should be at a higher color but I'm lazy :P

BTW, if someone wants to give me a gift, I would love it!!


I am so happy you won Tuninho you deserved this
Sent by drupayneis27,Feb 6, 2013
Thanks drupayneis27
Sent by Tuninho,Feb 6, 2013
Congrats ! :)
Sent by Tygrysek,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by ofl1998,Feb 6, 2013
Thanks  Tygrysek I'm still sad my first final wasnt with you :(
Sent by Tuninho,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by TylerTheGreat,Feb 6, 2013
Grats man
Sent by Weetmaster,Feb 6, 2013
Thanks Weetmaster
Sent by Tuninho,Feb 6, 2013
congrats hun!
Sent by BbDamian,Feb 6, 2013
Thanks babe BbDamian
Sent by Tuninho,Feb 6, 2013
grats! :D
Sent by SpaceCadet,Feb 6, 2013
Thanks SpaceCadet
Sent by Tuninho,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by Lamia,Feb 7, 2013
Sent by Caitlynn7,Feb 7, 2013

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