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Bald Headed Alien says....

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I'M SO PROUD!! Sep 4, 2022
LindsayMiaw WON and she deserves it and much more!! <3<3
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in about 6 months, I'm accepting early gifts 馃コ
Yes and thank you 鉂わ笍
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Getting black level after 12 years CHARITY Aug 11, 2022

If you could join my charity I would very much appreciate it, since I dont have friends!
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Should friendships come into play during games? Aug 9, 2022
I've been wondering while playing frooks mostly, if someone you know (friend or someone you have a good relation with) joins a game you're in and you already have an alliance, should you trow away your alliance (and your game) just for them?

Maybe you're in opposite sides. They get mad you didnt use your veto on them or you didnt vote who they told you who to vote.

I see this happening alot during games, people make blogs whining about it, calling friends fake and stuff like that.

What's your opinion???
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After 4 years... Aug 9, 2022
image... Tengaged has changed alot, but it's still as fun as it was!

Most people I knew are gone but in this last month I've met so many new people, it has ben a pleasure getting to know them.

There's still the drama (that I love watching unfold and try not to get involved) but what would be of this site without the drama? Even the people that I've had some drama with, have been fun to play with!

I'm mostly writing this just to put my thoughts out there and thank the people who I've playing with and making this past month an amazing time for me! <3
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College VS Tengaged (A Goodbye Message ) Oct 4, 2013
It has been 4 incredible years here in Tengaged and I've met amazing people and made some very good friends. Now that I'm starting a new "phase" in my life, I feel like I need a break from Tengaged.

Being in college, having most of my day filled with classes, then studying, and also parties, I havent found  any time to be in here. I stopped playing games, being on groups and I just cant manage all of this right now. So thats why I decided that for the time being, I'll leave Tengaged for a undeffined period of time.

So, I wanted to say Thank you to all my friends here, you made me an happier person, you helped me build a strength that I didnt have, and even a talent that I didnt know I had in me. I hope you wont forget me easely, and maybe someday we will meet again, maybe even in real life. For now, I'll enjoy this time of my life, that I'm loving, with all my heart and make my dreams come true.

My Tengaged family willl always be on my heart

With love,

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