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It鈥檚 so uncomfortable Mar 3, 2024
To have a group of friends like try to find things out about you for their friend and all basically ask you if you鈥檙e single and why and you just turn bright red because you鈥檙e so embarrassed
Points: 38 1 comments
Dogs or cats? Mar 2, 2024
Points: 32 8 comments
Why do people get sent into stars Mar 2, 2024
When they aren鈥檛 active I鈥檝e seen frats do this a lot
Points: 40 3 comments
The best thing I鈥檝e done Mar 2, 2024
Is go back to a place where I found peace 馃グ
Points: 37 4 comments
Waking up to a Charlie horse Mar 2, 2024
Is literally the worst feeling :/
Points: 34 2 comments
Flop Mar 1, 2024
Points: 33 3 comments