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  1. Dev.
  2. when my guy literally tells me
  3. who wants to be friends :)
  4. my biggest weakness is
  5. when you feel kinda
  6. Check skype
  7. Feeling pretty down
  8. i honestly cant wait to
  9. getting into shape is probably
  10. Gift me kermit
  11. Thank yoy baby :*
  12. i take tengaged very seriously
  13. Honestly been doing so much better
  14. some people want it all
  15. do any of the shop owners
  16. when youre in the next room
  17. Omgggg thank you so much :)
  18. gift me the light brown ponytail pls :)
  19. how do you email
  20. When you’re at work and
  21. Drunk opinions pyn
  22. Don’t talk to me
  23. Imagine not being as innocent
  24. i put you first and you adored it,
  25. What kinda cheese do you put
  26. I have the best
  27. gift me the dress
  28. why does
  29. :]
  30. whats your favorite movie?
  31. whats your favorite song?
  32. id spent 10000 hours
  33. Crying :/
  34. Omg thank you so much
  35. Imagine not having
  36. who are the best youtubers to watch?
  37. Gift me Ericka
  38. Pretty drunk
  39. When your family surprises you
  40. Good night:)

If a guy you’re seeing introduces you

Oct 23, 2019 by Thumper91
To their friends is that a good sign?


no i run for the hills at that point! Means he is too clingy!
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Oct 23, 2019
IYBF called u childish for this blog but I think it's cute :)
Sent by Danger,Oct 23, 2019
Sent by zachbbs,Oct 24, 2019
Sent by pinkiepie512,Oct 24, 2019
no its a bad sign
Sent by Piddu,Oct 24, 2019

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