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X-Factorney 2012

May 30, 2012 by TheGreatXL
imageYa'll betta be ready for Britney on X-Factor. She's ready for you!! In fact, I'm training in preparation for it now. See?:

(PS. If you want in the X-Factor US/UK skype chat for this fall, my skype is TheGreatXL.)


XL < 333333333333
Sent by Phenomanimal,May 30, 2012
Welcome back!
Sent by torimarie,May 30, 2012
omg hey
Sent by BBTDFanatic77,May 30, 2012
Sent by brookie_cookie,May 30, 2012
I'm just stoppin by to remind people about BritFactor. :)
Sent by TheGreatXL,May 30, 2012
clever :)
Sent by cheznahuf,May 30, 2012
ikr, I have tons of puns for later this year saved up!
Sent by TheGreatXL,May 30, 2012
lmao that pic
Sent by supergoten,May 30, 2012

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