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JesseM May 10, 2014

Thank you for the kind mail/blog post. Unfortunately XL is too busy growing boobies to ever come back to Tengaged for more than a post here or there.

I'll leave it up to the rest of the world to decide if I'm joking about that... But again, thanks for the nice post! My ego could always use a stroking.
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Me at Weddings Apr 27, 2014
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Go Ahead, Call Me An Asshole Apr 12, 2014
I don't care what anyone says. I've been sharing this skype chat with supergoten, Alex1991, and phanne for more than three years now.

1. Phanne will NOT stop passing gas. That girl needs her colon checked. Plus, Veronica Mars is not a lifestyle. Stop trying to solve cases in our chatroom. We know Heather is dealing drugs. It's not something you have to sneak around to solve.
2. Supergoten, aka Heather (IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME), your leave at a certain time each day. I mean come on, you can't go one minute over 8?!
3. If I have to ask you to watch Drag Race one more time, I'm gonna do a death drop on your face!
4. Alex, you are not American. Stop coming here on trips! If they knew the amount of Girl's Aloud CDs you were smuggling here, they wouldn't let you in.
5. Hanny, stp typin in da dark! It be bad 4 yo eyes.
6. Why did I log in just to make fun of another post?
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XL + Navy Feb 6, 2013
image= Lots of Seaman.

Hopefully will ship off within the next few months. If I die at sea, someone tell Phanne that she better not be a dirty bitch and take my life insurance without giving me an extravagant funeral. k, thanks.
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La la la la la Nov 2, 2012
Meet your new queen, Gnesa.

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OMG Hanny Aug 3, 2012
phanne, I'm fixing to get my period too! I think our cycles are linking up because we hang out so much. We're blood sisters.
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