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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


May 10, 2014 by TheGreatXL

Thank you for the kind mail/blog post. Unfortunately XL is too busy growing boobies to ever come back to Tengaged for more than a post here or there.

I'll leave it up to the rest of the world to decide if I'm joking about that... But again, thanks for the nice post! My ego could always use a stroking.


+15 TheGreatXL
Trend me next time bitch
Sent by JesseM,May 10, 2014
JesseM There we go.
Sent by TheGreatXL,May 10, 2014
Your avi is life
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 10, 2014
Thank you. Created it myself way back when. :)
Sent by TheGreatXL,May 10, 2014
TheGreatXL, do you still live in Georgia?
Sent by dav_o_79,May 10, 2014
dav_o_79 Yes, unfortunately. :(
Sent by TheGreatXL,May 10, 2014
Well, TheGreatXL, we need to meet! I'd love to meet a Tengaged legend like yourself < 3
Sent by dav_o_79,May 10, 2014
Ugh miss you much :(
Sent by konohavillage1,Mar 27, 2020
first comment in two years!
Sent by BigBrotherSuperToMe,Dec 22, 2022

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