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Sep 20, 2011 by TheGreatXL
imageEven if a lot of people don't appreciate your amazingness on this site, just know I do. You have been one of my best friends for the last two years and I consider you a real life friend now. That's rare for me to think so highly of someone, but I truly do.

You're always helping others without asking for anything in return. You even get run over by so called friends and try to bite your tongue (for which you are a better person than I). In my opinion, many times these friends don't even deserve your time of day because they're all about taking from you, but you still give it anyways.

I don't care if this blog gets negged, ignored, or whatever. I just wanted to post it for you to realize how highly I think of you.

(PS. Introvert, extrovert, doesn't matter!)


Sent by Abrogate,Sep 20, 2011
heather <3
Sent by rock_on88,Sep 20, 2011
aww :)
Sent by MannyJo,Sep 20, 2011
thanks XL, you're such a good friend, thank you for everything :D
Sent by supergoten,Sep 20, 2011
Introvert Extrovert it doesnt matter !! classic!!

she is awesome person!
Sent by MrCriminalJustice,Sep 21, 2011

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