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Comment what college you go/went to

Dec 10, 2023 by Tbart
And I’ll rank in order of which I’d want to go to most through least and why

Even if it’s tiny I’ll google it


U of South Florida- I’ve driven by before. I love Tampa it’s a beautiful city with a great climate to go to school in. Plus decent athletics to watch.

U of Toronto- looks beautiful, and seems fairly prestigious based on acceptance rate. Idk if I’d love Toronto tho.

Northeastern- pretty close to me, love Boston. I’ve toured here, and I will say tho it made me not want to go to school in a big city. Beautiful tho.

Vermont state- Johnson State used to be in my colleges athletic conference. This gives me most similar vibes to the school I went to. Smaller size, pretty campus

Ulster- location wise this would be pretty cool. School wise it looks kinda like a weird mix between modern and old.

Pace- tbh I don’t love the pictures of it and idk if I’d like the location… butttt I do know the name bc the impractical jokers have filmed there so points for that



university of toronto
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Dec 10, 2023
Northeastern University
Sent by survivorfan12,Dec 10, 2023
Ulster Univesity
Sent by paul028,Dec 10, 2023
It don't exist no more
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 10, 2023
Johnson State but it's now merged into Vermont State University
Sent by xFalsify,Dec 10, 2023
im going to be in unversity of south florida
Sent by ikaw0ng,Dec 10, 2023
when you use this data to hack us

pace university
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 10, 2023
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