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My Spotify Wrapped

Nov 29, 2023 by Tbart
Since there’s no chance I put it on my snap or Instagram. Any similarities?

1. Noah Kahan
2. Morgan Wallen
3. Post Malone
4. Zach Bryan
5. Kid Laroi

1. Maine (Noah Kahan)
2. Oklahoma Smokeshow (Zach Bryan)
3. Last Night (Morgan Wallen)
4. Mr. Brightside (will forever be in my top 5)
5. More Than My Hometown (Morgan Wallen)

Sent by 3pi14159,Nov 29, 2023
very similar we have wallen and noah kahan and i love 1 & 5 from your songs but neither were in my top 5. they were both in the top like 30 i think tho
Sent by 3pi14159,Nov 29, 2023
the fuck i thought you were a gay
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Nov 29, 2023
oh brother
Sent by MrBird,Nov 29, 2023
Oh dear.
Sent by Morant,Nov 29, 2023
No, but post malone and zach bryan being in your top5 means you have some good taste
Sent by tast519,Nov 29, 2023

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