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Survivor David Vs Goliath Rank Episode 1

Sep 27, 2018 by Silver09
This was a great episode and i'm hype for the season, I don't dislike anyone right now

1. Natalie (I'm a little disappointed but shes still Queen, and will bounce back from this)
2. Jessica (Icon youngest mastermind to play the game)
3. Gabby (Control Christian with your pussy)
4. Angelina ( Find that idol and turn on men challenge
6. Lyrsa ( Punk Rock Queen, coming for Nicks neck)
7. John (WWE Icon, I have to Stan)
8. Nick (I hope hes a great villain, but his ass was in trouble if Pat didn't get fucked up)
9. Mike (dumb as fuck but entertaining)
10. Jeremy (didn't get much of a edit but hes still a fave from preseason)
11. Christian (He was actually really funny like I lowkey stan
12. Bi (Love you sis, touching back story)
13. Davie (Black Nerd King)
14. Kara (.... I mean damn you switch men fast girl)
15. Natalia (your down here for coming at my bitch Natalie)
16. Elizabeth (Im so sorry girl that your down here but you didn't get much of a edit)
17. Alison (I love that she is strategic, but shes kinda annoying to me I like her though)
18. Dan (I think the women on his tribe will ruin his game he shouldn't of showed the idol)
19. Pat (I felt bad for him but I didn't really care for him on the show)
20. Alec (Who?)



Me @ Elizabeths 3 confessionals
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 27, 2018
_adidas_ lmao elizabeth got a ton of airtime idk what he's talking about
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Sep 28, 2018
_adidas_ CalebDaBoss oop she was maybe I was on my phone when she was on screen 馃摵
Sent by Silver09,Sep 28, 2018

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