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Survivor Borneo

Dec 15, 2019 by Silver09

16th: Renny Martyn (Pagong) - Renny had a hard time adjusting to her tribe, but got in an alliance with Adam and Nicholas. Unfortunately for her there was a majority of five and they voted her out because she was the weakest of her alliance members.

15th: Christina Christian (Tagi) - At first Christina was in a girls alliance that included Ali and Arlynn, that quickly broke up and Christina was alone. Her tribe lost immunity on episode two and she was the easy vote.

14th: Shayna Tapusoa (Pagong) - Shay could never find her footing, and she was never in any alliances and didn鈥檛 connect with anyone on her tribe, but she saw Chris as a threat, Adam and Nick voted with her unfortunately for her the rest of the tribe was in an alliance.

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