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Big Brother Season 2

Aug 10, 2019 by Silver09
Week 1
14 house guests enter the Big Brother house, last season was the start of something amazing and these season 2 contestants are ready to go. A strategic force in Andrew quickly emerges, he makes a 3 person alliance with Shayna/Wayne, and a 4 person alliance with Eddie/Paige/Patricia. Paige and Jace also hit it off and decide to make a group that includes Wayne.

The HoH Competition is Wheel of First Impressions, Rachel, James, and Mark are the top 3, Rachel wins the HoH. Rachel has an alliance with Patricia and they talk about who she should nominate, Patrica is trying to protect her alliance members but fails. Rachel sees Andrew as a strategic threat so she wants him to be her targeted, and she needs a pawn so she lands on James. Rachel has nominated James and Andrew for eviction. James is a little upset but Andrew is angry and and shocked that he's nominated.

Rachel, as HoH, and James and Andrew, as nominees, will participate in PoV. Rachel draws Shay to participate, James draws Jace to participate, Andrew draws house guest's choice and selects Patr铆cia to participate. Andrew wins the power of veto. Andrew calls out Rachel for trying to get him out, and he tells her shes going home next week. Rachel notices that Paige hangs out with Andrew a lot so she wants to nominate her. Andrew uses the POV on himself, Rachel names Paige as the replacement nominee. James and Paige are the final nominees.

Paige alliance members are trying to rally the rest of the house to save her which isn't too difficult because they see James as the bigger threat. Eddie tells James that he's probably going home so as a last ditch effort James calls out Mark and tells everyone if he stays Mark is his target. Eddie and Natalie don't really care who goes, so there just throwing there votes on Paige. Shay misses her family and has a little breakdown so Wayne comforts her and they bond about past experiences and stuff outside the house.

By a vote of 9-2 James is evicted from the big brother house.

Week 2
After a pretty much unanimous vote everyone in the house is happy, in the endurance HoH comp Bridgette pulled out the win. Bridgette doesn't have any allies in the game but she was in majority last round for the James vote. Bridgette wants to make a big move and take a shot at the athletic guys because she feels like they would never work with her. Bridgette has nominated Mark and Jace for eviction. Mark and Jace understand why they were nominated and are preparing for the veto

Bridgette, as HoH, and Mark and Jace, as nominees, will participate in PoV, Bridgette draws Paige to participate, Mark draws Johnny to participate, Jace draws house guest's choice and selects Wayne to participate. Mark won the Golden Power of Veto! Bridgette doesn't want to make any more waves in the house so she wants to put up a floater. Mark uses the Power of Veto on himself, Bridgette names Paige as the replacement, Final nominees are Paige and Jace.

Fight Night happens in the house, Eddie doesn't like that Paige is on the block so Eddie calls out Bridgette and that she deserves to leave. Mark and Johnny get into an argument about the game and Mark flips his mattress. Wayne talks to Bridgette about the argument and comforts her.

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