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everything is way too heavy in tennessee right now

Apr 6, 2023 by ShayyBayy
i'm scared at how close to home this actually is for me in many different ways. It's scary and historical and a big national highlight is FINALLY focused on gun violence and its happening HERE. In a Republican-dominant state. The racism here is on full display, there's no question what just happened here.

People are protesting everywhere. It's happening in my industry, this effects my lifelong career directly, as I plan to work in a school for the rest of my life. This feeling is exciting and weird and scary and it's two of the biggest topics in the nation being displayed here at home, the only one topic missing is police brutality.

This is weird and i'm actually really honestly kind of scared.


This is a nothingburger
Sent by suit,Apr 6, 2023

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