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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

wah i was privileged, wahhh

Jan 4, 2023 by ShayyBayy
ive recently been super pissed off about the way I was raised because it ruined me as an adult. I was given any and everything I ever had and never had to work for anything, the same thing I accused another user on this website of which I was undoubtedly guilty of myself. My suffering was self-taught before knowing what true suffering actually is.

I was mad at my parents for giving me any and everything I ever wanted, because as an adult, it has really fucked me up in the long run in many different ways, it has made my life significantly harder, its made me delayed in basic principles of money that I should have known and had to struggle for to understand what it actually means to make a dollar.

The grass isn't always greener.


I get that. Working retail has helped me a lot with realizing the value of money
Sent by Vancouver_Grizzlies,Jan 4, 2023

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