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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Can i get some reviews for BBAUS

Jun 14, 2020 by Rocker917
I keep hearing good things abt it but haven't seen anything from it. Like whats the format?


pretty sure its like BBUK. i know the public evicts not sure if theres an hoh tho or not
Sent by ghrocky100,Jun 14, 2020
I think it's like bb2 but instead of 2 nominees it's 3
So a "nominator" nominates 3 people for eviction and that's that
Sent by Electric,Jun 14, 2020
The format has changed. The housemates nominate and evict. Only the winner is determined by the public.

They do a reward challenge, then a HOH challenge. Whoever wins HOH noms 3 players... the rest of the housemates then vote to evict.
Sent by Becksta20,Jun 14, 2020
It's pretty good. The first two episodes were not so great, but it gets much better.
Sent by coreyants,Jun 14, 2020

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