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  1. Anybody watching Celebrity BB?
  2. I’m going to philly this weekend
  3. Merry Christmas Tengaged ⛄️
  4. What I think is funny about this group game
  5. I woke up this morning
  6. I come back three hours later
  7. Honestly
  8. I need
  9. I just found my old stars vlogs
  11. Such an iconic game
  12. The Stars that’s about to finish
  13. Fun Fact
  14. Somebody said this today
  15. Grabs popcorn
  16. Check out my vlog :)
  17. I can I join in
  19. should i join stars today
  20. Say what you want
  21. Check out my vlog :)
  22. Check out my vlog :)
  23. Check out my vlog :)
  24. THANK YOU 55.6%!!!
  25. I definitely fucked up somewhere
  26. Why are you so obsessed with me
  28. This stars is interesting
  29. Should I make another big comeback
  30. I just got Clue #4
  31. what are these clues
  32. Remember when
  33. Everytime I get bored in class now
  34. If Rachel Swindler doesnt win AFHG
  35. Remember when
  36. A bit late
  37. Honestly tho
  38. OK what
  39. The blogs page has been boring recently
  40. The fact that they're rigging for Tyler

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Anybody watching Celebrity BB? Jan 30, 2019
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I’m going to philly this weekend Jan 4, 2019
Any tengageders from there 😉
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Merry Christmas Tengaged ⛄️ Dec 24, 2018
I hope everyone has a good holiday tomorrow. I know this is a difficult time for some who’ve experienced dark times around this season, so to those people in particular I hope you enjoy the holiday with whoever you’re able to this Christmas.

I’m not usually serious on tengaged but I hope somebody who needed to be told that sees it and feels more at peace :)
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What I think is funny about this group game Dec 2, 2018
Is that it's an american politics themed game, and a lot of the applications are from people who aren't even old enough to vote yet?
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I woke up this morning Nov 28, 2018
At 7am to a skype message asking me to join frooks

I must've hopped in my time machine and went back to 2015
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I come back three hours later Nov 26, 2018
And the same heather bullshit is going on?
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