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Idk about yall Oct 29, 2020
But I couldn’t stomach BB Allstars once Keesha got evicted, but Nicole getting cut makes me wanna watch the finale for that moment
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I stopped watching this BB season Sep 22, 2020
After Keesha was evicted and havent watched an ep but read the blogs since and...

does it ever get better or are we still in the middle of a dumpster fire of an allstar season?
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So if you only play once a month Sep 6, 2020
Then why did you comment on a blog calling out the losers who play every other week only to get double digits ? Clearly it wasn’t about you if you don’t play every other week?

You weren’t @ in the only you felt like it was targeted at you. What are you insecure for? Feel like youre a little too addicted?
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If you won Sep 6, 2020
Then why play 2-3 stars a month?
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Not sure who will remember Sep 4, 2020
But this month we celebrate 10 years since Frooks was first released on tengaged

Fun Fact: Frooks used to have 8 hours to nominate, POV decision, vote for eviction etc. and you could stall as long as you wanted...the DC only advanced once everyone submitted a vote. It was only a fast game if EVERYONE agreed to it.

If an inact won first HoH? enjoy your slow game

The drama just used to be *different*
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I've genuinely not enjoyed a BB USA Season Sep 4, 2020
Since like BB14. I finished BB16 but not because it was good it was boring as hell and predictable
15 was volatile
17 was only fun bc Becky got hit by a train memes
18 + 19 can be summed up in a word: paul
20: Tyler
21 was literal cringe

I feel bad for anybody who just discovered the show in the last few years and never got to actually see a good season. I would legit take bb12 over this...
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