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stars post thing

May 15, 2017 by Quackerz
Top 5 players who were strategically good to play stars with
owee13 was the best alliance partner
mattybb9 taught me a ton
mikec51 (is that his username?)
karim has really interesting gameplay

Top 5 players who were emotionally good to play stars with
JamesM my love
tyler93 was really cool

Top 5 players who were awful to play stars with
brandonpinzu - was always a great gameplayer working against me
nexuscain - i just remember crying after one of our calls bc i was intimidated lol... i was too young for that
jhelsdon2478 too many emotions
norris - was extremely loyal but also just... not the most strategic
turney1805 - always seemed sketchy to me

Top 5 players I regret backstabbing in stars
bluelagoon506 is the only one who comes to mind
oh and meduncan in the stars with kelly... don't know if you knew i nommed you in that lol
i don't really regret it but i felt bad about kimmal8 and icebeast

6 players I wanna play with again
Dannyjr0587 on his actual account


oh yeah now i remember u were a shitty ally
Sent by Abrogate,May 15, 2017
Sent by Kaylabby,May 15, 2017
Tbh if we ever worked together we'd totally slay lmao
Sent by brandonpinzu,May 15, 2017
Me n you clicked like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks for the mention :) quackerz
And that secret veto ;)
Sent by Tyler93,May 15, 2017
me when I did nothing to you in either of those stars LOL but I guess this explains why you were never true to me now
Sent by turney1805,May 15, 2017
When I got tagged twice for that move :(

it's okay </3
Sent by IceBeast,May 15, 2017
turney1805 yeah im completely aware it wasn't rational but something just never clicked for me i guess

Sent by Quackerz,May 15, 2017
abrogate what did we even play
Sent by Quackerz,May 15, 2017
quackerz i meant stars and I don't think we actually did :P
Sent by Abrogate,May 15, 2017
quackerz but you came out stronger look at you now
Sent by NexusCain,May 15, 2017
Omg woooo !!!!! Loved our stars calls till like 6am :P
Sent by shyannemystik,May 16, 2017
On his actual account* hahaha I like playing on other accounts, then my record isn't screwed up!!  I'm too scared to join again on dannyjr
Sent by dannyjr0587,May 16, 2017
yesh that's me hehehehe
Sent by mikec51,May 16, 2017
quackerz :*
Sent by JamesM,May 16, 2017
jhelsdon is fucking batshit fucking crazy

and whenever i play with you I just don't even fucking talk to people in the game beside you it is terrible stop being the only interesting person to talk to dammit
Sent by JamesM,May 16, 2017

Sent by coreyants,May 17, 2017

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