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Nominated for 4th Sep 2, 2023
Hey tengaged!

I joined this game on a whim, with no expectations of success. I joined because I used to love this website, especially Stars, and I wanted one last go at it. I knew it would be hard given my work schedule. I’m no longer able to talk to people 24/7 like I could when I was younger. But I wanted to see if I could still play, and play well.

I ended up surprising myself. I fought with my back against the wall, with my name being thrown out seemingly every day since the second round. I was able to take apart the alliance and make myself the core of a new one. I let people think they had control over me, and was underestimated the whole time.

This site was my childhood— I would come home from school and immediately log onto Skype and call friends. More than that, the Stars game helped build my confidence in my social skills when I was just an anxious teen. I’d love nothing more than to win this game so I can go out on a high note as I step away from this site and from ORGs as a whole.

Thank you!!
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If i was smart Sep 2, 2023
I would’ve planned a speech and blog for tomorrow

Lol oh well gn
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it’s funny when Sep 1, 2023
in the same stars blog someone says I’m not playing hard and then also says they’ve tried to lock me in 4/5 times in a row and it hasn’t worked. hey maybe you’re just not in my plans!

imagine locking someone in and throwing your other vote and them still not going up

kind of iconic
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what’s the best song of 2023 Sep 1, 2023
and why is it rose colored lenses by Miley
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yay last unnominated Sep 1, 2023
will I go up for 5th

place ur bets
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ive never been a counter this often in stars Aug 31, 2023
i think I’m up to 5 DCs of ppl locking me in :’(

im just trying to vibe
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