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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Okay now

2ndApr 21, 2024 by Pavaneli
Who the fuck made this AD


ESP since we know it isnt big....fake news
Sent by A_La_Fac,Apr 21, 2024
It鈥檚 tengaged it wouldn鈥檛 surprise me if you made it yourself jk jk
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 21, 2024
A_La_Fac ur ass
connorthomson I don't even know how to make these 馃槶 it's so hard to get the right size of the image
Sent by Pavaneli,Apr 21, 2024
Woah pretty defensive there pavaneli
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 21, 2024
Easy way to narrow it down. Who u been showing it to? There's ur culprit (imo)
Sent by Kiki4ever,Apr 21, 2024
I wish it was me whoever made it is so woke
Sent by peace123,Apr 22, 2024
the ad was suppose to be about me
Sent by Royaltyy,Apr 22, 2024
its me
Sent by BrookeMaddox,Apr 22, 2024

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