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First time in lifevote Apr 24, 2024
imageMy birthday isnt a lonely day usually this day I become a depressed bitch and tonight I feel loved
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24/4vote Apr 24, 2024
Happy birthday to me! And to someone else here who has the same birthday as me but I forgot his username
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Doxxing someonevote Apr 24, 2024
And sending unwanted packages
1) You expose yourself, and it could end in a lawsuit or worse.
2) You disrupt the work of someone who has nothing to do with your fight, time is money and you are taking money from someone else.
3) You prove that you give too much credit to this website and let it run your life.

And yes I do find Morant a creep and he should seek professional help cause his 'trolling' issues ran out of control, but still handling with that in the childish and stupid it's just not it.
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I miss Apr 23, 2024
When you were just a girl who liked Kpop and visiting people's fraternities, look what you became! Ikaw0ng you let their evil corrupt you and now you are becoming worse than them
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I'm free Apr 23, 2024
Good morning
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Okay now Apr 21, 2024
Who the fuck made this AD
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