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*In response to the blog outing me*

Dec 6, 2017 by Oliviaxoxo
Today I was confronted by some agitated ENGLISH thing accusing me of stealing and fraud. This person was 2388. In all honesty, the allocations were true. I have been using his money. I have been using his source of income as a way to fuel my addiction needs. My need for Big macs and Chicken nuggets. I know this is wrong but i can't afford this otherwise and the thought of not being able to have my big macs is heartbreaking.

In my defence, when someone uses their bank pin code as their username, it is hard not to resist their stupidity, its like asking to be robbed. Unfortunately  i have to go to court and my future lies in the hands of randomize.

Im sorry for the lies but im not really sorry because 2388 is a titface. xxx


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this is huge if true
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