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M&N's Survivor Season Rankings (Part 2)

10thSep 10, 2020 by OldNewz
Hello! This is the continuation of the season rankings of M&N’s Survivor. Part 1 can be found here:

Some things to note:
1. These are my rankings. Mike's rankings will obviously be different.
2. Just like you, I am human so my opinions/rankings on seasons change all the time but for now, this is what I'm feeling.
3. There will be some twist names thrown out in these rankings. If you’re wondering how the twists worked, feel free to check out the season overviews on the wiki to get an idea of the twist.

Okay, let’s continue with the rankings!

24. Mongolia (S5): Ah Mongolia, what Zimbabwe could have been. I really loved this cast. It was competitive, hectic and there was quite a bit of drama near the end of the game. There’s a couple of things that ruined Mongolia’s rankings and that is the two medical evacuations at merge. Besides that, I loved Benlinus as a winner and even more, I loved the F3 of Benlinus, LeQuisha (LusciousLips5) and Bob (islandsurvivor). Also, the F5 for this season was insane as Jorge (Sunfire) purposefully fell on his sword so that Benlinus could stay in the game. Great season, great cast, and great gameplay. But, Billy (greenranger8) getting medically evacuated at F4 due to inactivity completely ruins this season in my eyes. Also as a side note, this is the first season we started using +’s instead of X’s when reading votes!

23. Kyushu (S13): Going into Kyushu, I really had no expectations. Sure on paper the cast looked good but after Galápagos Islands and Egypt, it was getting tough to get excited. The trend continued! It sucked that this season was so predictable as it was run by an alliance led by Vlad (Vlad21) but overall it was a fun cast. Also, I know this may sound weird but, I absolutely love how Kyushu’s logo came out so that’s why it’s being ranked somewhat high considering the gameplay. In the end, I do wish Vlad won this season. I think he played a much stronger game than Jake and it sucks he never had the same success in other seasons

22. Turkey (S28): Turkey was such an amazing game all until the Zyler incident. Everything was going smoothly and it was very competitive. Once the whole Zyler incident happened, the season felt tainted. To this day, I still stand by the fact that it didn’t impact the game. But, for me to fuck up that badly, it really did a toll on my mental health. Besides that, I loved Turkey and everything else about the season..

21. Uruguay (S1): The very first season! It’s crazy to think back on how many big group game players applied. People had faith in us and it was a great start to the series. The season as a whole however wasn’t the best. The twist was Back to Basics and the Arachan tribe couldn’t win a challenge pre-merge to save themselves. Coming into merge, it felt like we were gonna see a classic Pagoning but instead, we saw an epic comeback led by Mel (me2013) and Patrick (GrrrImABear). They ended up making F2 together and honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better F2 for the very first season. The only problem with Uruguay is that it didn’t feel as competitive so at times it got a bit boring.

20. Saipan (S8): Saipan keeps aging like fine wine. Right now it’s ranked at 20 but over time, it might go higher. Not only was this the first season for many big names in M&N’s Survivor (Jordan, Dana, JB, Will, etc.) but, we also had a fantastic F3 in Matt (GiGi10), Austyn (Oysterman11) and Mud (mudndawilderness) who controlled the whole game from start to finish. Matt and Austyn were phenomenal as a duo and while Matt did win, I would have been equally as happy if Austyn won. Some other key moments include Crystal taking out Tim in an epic idol play where only her vote counted and Will’s immunity run near the end. Only thing against Saipan is that it got very predictable.

19. Easter Island (S22): While I think the theme of “Fans vs Floaters vs Flippers vs Flops” was a fun one, I just wasn’t a fan of how boring the pre-merge was and how much the Joker’s twist flopped. You’d think that Ryan (BigBrotherDonny), Stef (lemons), and Kasey (Kaceyhope101) would have been good jokers but, they decided to play dead which really slowed down the whole game. Things really picked up by merge and it got a lot more fun especially near the end of the game but overall, the pre-merge portion really tanked Easter Island’s ranking. Some fun moments included Patrick’s (Patrick319) meltdown, Raul (MrBird) refusing to vote off Alan (Alanb1) during the Finale (and ruining everyone’s plans in doing so), and watching the games of Tyler (Vanhow10), Mordecai (bigben1996) and Andy (@amf7430). Also big shoutout to Nick (manalord) for not being a flop joker and actually getting into the game!

And that’s it for part 2!

Remaining Seasons:
S2: Maui
S3: Hong Kong
S6: Taiwan
S7: The Caribbean - All Stars
S9: Nicaragua
S10: Greenland - Fans vs Favorites vs Failures
S14: Greece - Second Chances
S15: Ethiopia
S16: India - Blood vs Water
S18: San Marino - Battle of the Bloodlines
S19: Brazil
S20: Madagascar - Heroes vs Villains
S23: China - Clash of Clans
S24: Guatemala - Last Chances
S25: Ghost Island
S27: Monte Carlo
S29: Siberia - The Last Dance
S30: Maldives - All Winners

PYN if you want to be tagged in the next one! :)


Sent by OldNewz,Sep 10, 2020
Sent by OldNewz,Sep 10, 2020
Me Hong Kong #1
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Sep 10, 2020
Rooting for Nicaragua since Jabbar won that
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 10, 2020

Also I really expected Saipan to be higher, also Easter Island is a top #1 season it has RAUL that's THE MrBird Newz
Sent by DBWs,Sep 10, 2020
Cries @ 20
Sent by GiGi10,Sep 10, 2020
Monte Carlo.
Sent by NotNicky333,Sep 10, 2020
Tag me next time yeah
Sent by LusciousLips5,Sep 11, 2020
Wow I see my impact.
Sent by GrrrImABear,Sep 11, 2020
4 / 5 of my ssns in top 18 :)
Sent by IceBeast,Sep 11, 2020
dbws woke
Sent by MrBird,Sep 11, 2020
tag me next time
Sent by Tester,Sep 11, 2020
Easter Island and All Winners are 29th and 30th
Sent by bigben1996,Sep 11, 2020
4/4 of my seasons still in ;)

Sent by Guigi,Sep 11, 2020
Damn. Last place but at least I have an iconic moment
Sent by Sunfire,Sep 11, 2020
Oh woops. Didnt see part 1
Sent by Sunfire,Sep 11, 2020

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