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And the final winner is of a Dysonia Beta Key is....

Feb 8, 2012 by NoelSarah
... heatherbear!


Whether or not you won, you did an amazing thing to help a great cause.  Combined with the Superbowl Pool, you guys have help me raise over $500 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  $500 provides funding for cancer medications, transportation, or other expenses, to three patients AND pays for resources and materials for two children with leukemia to help ease their transition back to school after treatment.  I've met some of the people who have benefited from LLS funds, so I thank you on their behalf! 

I also thank Hash for offering the five Dysonia Beta Keys that encouraged so many of you to donate! It was a creative idea and it really helped my fundraising so many thanks!  And thanks to randomize for being ok with me doing this and for helping with my previous fundraisers. :)

Also, stay tuned for other opportunities to win prizes and help this cause in the coming months! 

Thank you, Tengaged!


Sent by Alyxandra,Feb 8, 2012
it's called a recession.
Sent by GoAlexandra,Feb 8, 2012
Omg wow!
Sent by awesome2210,Feb 8, 2012
I'm jealous of heatherbear :') but ilh so congrats
Sent by Nunley,Feb 8, 2012
oh weird, i didnt see a noob get a key
Sent by Jones143,Feb 8, 2012
i mailed you noelsarah
Sent by MickJagger,Feb 8, 2012
jones143 - I didn't see a noob donate....  You had to enter to win!
Sent by NoelSarah,Feb 8, 2012
Sent by heatherbear,Feb 8, 2012
really? im sorry i thought some noobs entered
Sent by Jones143,Feb 8, 2012
Good job NoelSarah!
Sent by Diva1,Feb 9, 2012
Yay :)
Sent by sarahnva,Feb 9, 2012

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