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420 Stoner Frookies

Apr 20, 2022 by Nick33
Who’s interested in a 420  stoner frookies? Here’s how it would work, you can only post 420 related GIF in public comments. Each day day change u have to take a hit. So if you make it to the end you will take 11 hits throughout the game. Obviously nobody can enforce that you taking a hit, but the whole point of 420 is to get high. To communicate to others that u smoked, you can add “Hit 1” under your GIF post. If you don’t do this, HoH will nominate you assuming u didn’t smoke. Idc what u smoke: bowl, bong, joint, CBD, dab pen, ect. Thoughts?


I’m down
Sent by Queenisha,Apr 20, 2022
Hit 1 from reading this
Sent by Danger,Apr 20, 2022
Omg, I wish it wasn’t Wednesday. I would totally do this
Sent by Zeptis,Apr 20, 2022

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