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Longest Gap Between Stars Wins (Stats)

1stMar 15, 2023 by Nick33
Congrats to Dools as the user who now has the longest gap between BACK TO BACK Stars Wins! Stars 227 & 747---- (Difference of 520).  It's funny that everyone was commenting on how we could have had the shortest gap between stars wins if Royaltyy won, but instead we got the longest gap between back to back wins.

I only found 3 users that won stars back to back with a difference of over 100 stars between them. Which shows you that most times people are able to win 2 stars games in a row it's due to their popularity around that time. (lmk if I missed any here)

Tyler93 Stars 469 & 680 (diff. of 211)----Previous record holder
AshleyBabyX3 Stars 399 & 544 (diff. of 155)

Now there are a lot of users which have gaps large between their stars wins, but not considered back to back stars games they've played. The following users:

MikeRoRo        Stars 108 & 702        (diff. of 594)
Mahogany        Stars 179 & 688        (diff. of 509)
PrincessTeePee        Stars 103 & 597        (diff. of 494)
konohavillage1        Stars 200 & 653        (diff. of 453)
Kentuckyy        Stars 209 & 660        (diff. of 451)
Sebbers        Stars 219 & 668        (diff. of 449)
Survivor8        Stars 231 & 670        (diff. of 439)
BengalBoy        Stars 53 & 481        (diff. of 414)
Ohhayy        Stars 350 & 744        (diff. of 394)
BB5lover        Stars 298 & 634         (diff. of 336)
Tommeh208        Stars 289 & 604        (diff. of 315)
HeavyRain        Stars 344 & 665        (diff. of 311)
cfff        Stars 262 & 566        (diff. of 304)
dorkishbarbi        Stars 349 & 651        (diff. of 302)


get a life loser
Sent by hamburgerbunzz,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by nmh95,Mar 15, 2023
Damn didn't know this was a thing king
Sent by Yandereboy12,Mar 15, 2023
my first and last stars wins are 285 apart, but i have one between
Sent by Typhlosion37,Mar 15, 2023
oh cool
Sent by Sebbers,Mar 15, 2023
Are u crying irl tyler93
Sent by semajdude,Mar 15, 2023
I set records no matter what I do
Sent by MikeRORO,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by BengalBoy,Mar 15, 2023
think Sebbers will have over 600 if you count his first win on Uskyld tho
Sent by BengalBoy,Mar 15, 2023
Well done nick33
Sent by dools,Mar 15, 2023
bengalboy yeah if we count my first account Uskyld I have 626 weeks. My first Stars win was Stars 42
Sent by Sebbers,Mar 15, 2023
I have one of 250
Sent by Maxi1234,Mar 15, 2023
BengalBoy Sebbers Wasn't aware that Uskyld was your old account haha.

I only included records that didn't have stars wins in between. If I consider first and last win with wins in between, Sebbers with his Uskyld account would be included as well as BBdamian, and others I'm probably forgetting. And if Clayton had won his game or wins another stars he'd have a very large gap between his first win.
Sent by Nick33,Mar 15, 2023
Yes Maxi1234. I almost added you but had to make the cut off at something so I chose 300. 250 is very impressive!
Sent by Nick33,Mar 15, 2023
Typhlosion37 I would count your first and second win as the longest gap at 218. Which is still pretty large. I think if i went to 200+ another 10-20 users would have been mentioned
Sent by Nick33,Mar 15, 2023
Nick33 yeah i knew how you were doing it, i just wanted to feel included by counting myself
Sent by Typhlosion37,Mar 15, 2023
Wait, not the exact 10 year gap
Sent by Zeptis,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by JonahFierce,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by mahogany,Mar 15, 2023
Thats cool =)
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 15, 2023
i think brosky17 has the record for shortest win break
Sent by Justin_Hicks,Mar 15, 2023
Plussed. I'm a living legend of tg. BACK TO BACKS
Thanks nick33 ... Also semajdude you jellin bro
Sent by Tyler93,Mar 15, 2023
Sent by BBlover96,Mar 16, 2023
justin_hicks is correct nick33!
Sent by brosky17,Mar 16, 2023

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