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Survivor 44 Cast Ratings Ep1

Mar 3, 2023 by Nick33
18. Danny --Didn't say much and hasn't done anything yet. Didn't get good preseason vibes from him either.
17. Josh---Like his preseason and still might do well but didn't see much of him in the first episode
16. Matthew---He could be likable and funny down the line, but he was idiotic and stupid to get injured within the first few days, which is why he is knocked down. He also used the Shot it the dark which I'm not sure was the right play. Also could have done more with the info Claire told him but it didn't seem to go anywhere... at least yet.
15. Bruce--I feel so bad for him, he definitely could have done more in the game and its a bummer to see anyone go this way.
14. Carolyn---She seems hilarious but also kinda crazy so I'm not sure how she will do once the game heats up. already  seem like she's in minority on her tribe :( 
13.  Heidi--hasn't done much but I think she will likable.
12. Jaime--I think she was really stupid to play her shot in the dark, but also was it smart? I'm torn. I feel like if she didn't, Brandon might not have played his idol tbh. But she also makes history as the first person to play it and be safe so kinda ICONIC. But also an ally of hers left and you could tell she was shocked.
11.  Brandon---He made the wrong move by sharing the idol with the whole tribe and I think he's gonna continue to rub others the wrong way, but he made the right move by playing it correctly which is huge!
10. Claire--Hasn't done much but i like her and she seems pretty witty especially since she told Matthew about how Lauren must have been lying.
9. Maddy---I liked her but she definitely didn't play the best. I wouldn't have voted someone with an idol on the first vote. She really did try tho to talk to Brandon before he revealed the key to everyone. Her instincts were on point but unfortunately it wasn't enough.
8. Kane--Didn't do a whole lot in the episode, but i got good preseason vibes from him so he's still pretty high. but he's the only person in the game still that voted Brandon so that could be bad.
7. Sarah---I think she's gonna go far and do well, but still haven't see a ton from her.
6. Matt----He got very unlucky to get no advantages and no votes for first 2 tribals. But I think he will do well overall, he's likable and I get a good vibe from him. I'm not sure if lying to the tribe about the 2nd vote was a good idea but i think we will see once Saka actually goes to tribal.
5. Carson---He's young and smart and already well aligned. I have pretty high hopes for him and most of Tikka. 
4. Lauren---She's pretty smart. First, she rigged the rocks so she got chosen, then successfully got an advantage and played it correctly to now have 2 votes next which is amazing! I do think she could have told a better lie to the tribe but this wouldn't have mattered in the end since Claire reveled she was lying
3. Frannie --Got amazing preseason vibes from her. Can't wait till the next episode when I'm sure she will got to #1.
2. Helen----She already has a majrotiy on her tribe and seems to be good at puzzles with Carson. I think the 2 of them will be a strong duo in this game. She seems close to Sarah as well.
1. Yam Yam--He's so funny, i really think he's gonna have me dying laughing on the couch all season so I'm really hoping he goes far, and I think he has a good chance. Even with the loss of Bruce from his tribe, I think his tribe is still very strong! He's also so himself and unlike anyone I've seen on survivor before


Seeing Carolyn at 14th hurts :(
Sent by Yandereboy12,Mar 3, 2023

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