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  1. Rachel was so close
  2. Got Evicted in Stars to multis
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  8. How old were you
  9. Faysal and Haleigh
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  12. This is one emotional Robot
  13. Kayceee representing Pride month!
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  22. all my friends are dead
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  31. I turn 21 in 2 weeks
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Rachel was so close Jul 12, 2018
I was doing really well in the comp as well. But i got out when Fasal got out
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Got Evicted in Stars to multis Jul 6, 2018
Nightcore You're literally disgusting and pathetic

I thought tengaged was changing, but seems like one person can pretty much just single handedly do what ever they want. With 6 polls in this game over 60% the multi use its just ridiculous.

Last time I was evicted because Tengaged doesn't respect gameplay. This time I'm evicted because multis can control and do what they want since randomize doesn't do crap anymore. I'll take being evicted cause i played a great game, but this multi shit is so stupid
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BB 20 intros ranked Jul 6, 2018

16. Kaycee-foot clap? Its just awkward and strange
15. Tyler-He's my favorite houseguest however his intro is so staged and just feels odd and unnatural
14. Rockstar-It just turns me off so much looking at her kiss her fingers while holding up a peace sign.
13. Scottie-his head moves like all the way front and back here. its like a bobble head
12. Angela-just copied Jessica from last season. but if you didn't know that then I guess its not bad.
11. JC- He jumped like halfway up my screen haha!

Big Gap

10. Winston-Average. nothing special but nothing wrong with it either
9. Bayleigh- Her dance is cute. Definitly liked it more then the others
8. Kaitlyn-its unique
7. Steve-Not a big fan of steve but kinda liked this intro
6. Sam-The bicep flex is pretty cool
5. Brett- Savy and smart looking
4. Fasal- It's different then others so i lied it. also his smile is attractive
3. Swaggy C-It represents his personality accurately, and although I'm not a huge fan of his, I liked this intro a lot
2. Haleigh-So cute and sweet
1. Rachel- Great Intro. Fierce!
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GOALLLLL!! Jul 6, 2018
Yes brazil!
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Comon Brazil! Jul 6, 2018
You can do it!
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Nommed for 6th in Stars Jul 6, 2018
Alright, so this stars game has been one of the craziest I've played. I joined alone, knowing nobody in this cast, however, I was able to build relationships and work hard to ensure my safety. I've been controlling this game behind the scenes, sending my targets home and making sure I would be safe every other day. Sadly, it was my time to go up and I commend the other for recognizing my game play and finally nominating me.

Unfortunately, due to the same user, RasCity, playing on 2 different accounts Gogodon and WilliamGonzales, he was able to nominate me on both accounts. If it wasn't for his "Twist" I would still be controlling the game. He said "If you think having 2 votes benefits me in any way long term you're delusional and wrong." Yeah, I do think it benefits you. So you're delusional and wrong buddy . 2 VOTES allows you to have double the votes a normal person would.

Please save me

I'll make a vlog if I make finals
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