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Made $69 on my first night door dashing Jan 30, 2024
Honestly not too bad for what I did. 8 delivers! Definitely wouldn鈥檛 have accepted some offers and would probably try to do things more efficiently but in general it was pretty easy and kinda fun
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This is probably the lastest Jan 26, 2024
I鈥檝e stayed up in a long time! Just spent like 9hour straight working on writing my first grant proposal! Now I wanna sleep but I gotta be up in 5 hours. RIP. Night 馃槾
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Congrats Lucas Jan 22, 2024
lucas_rfs So proud of you for taking home the win.  The poll we were in was so close and maybe if I put a little more effort into stay i would be where u are haha. Much love and proud of you!

princessKandi2014 Grats on 2nd in your first stars! You played a great game and I was sad to go so soon and not get to know you more.
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Stars support Jan 20, 2024
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Nommed for 15th --Save Me <3 Jan 14, 2024
Haven't played a stars in ages and be even longer since I've had a cast wanting to work with me. Hard to go against friend groups that are are tight but I am a fighter and want to stay if you save me.

I joined this stars alone and knew this would be difficult with no familiar faces but thankfully I tried really hard to meet knew people. I'm not gonna sit here and complain about a premade. People can join a game together if they want, but that just not how i choose to play, I like to meet knew users and join independent of my friends. Unpopular opinion but asking even 1 person your friends with to join before the game is considered a premade (cause the 2 of you are premade and are knowingly joining together).

Best of Luck to Lucas_RFS who deserves to be in this game just as much as me. Save me in this poll to give me another chance tengaged <3
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I鈥檓 an Overbearing Plant Dad Jan 14, 2024
I gotta admit. I think I鈥檓 a little overbearing over the plants I鈥檝e started to grow. I will water them, check them again in like an hour, and then consistently see if they are growing. I just wanna see if they will make any progress and see it immediately lol. Currently the dad to 4 baby weed plant seedlings. 馃尡
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