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Nano’s Big Brother 7: Week 10 Veto Competition

Feb 23, 2021 by NanoNerd
-The Houseguests-

-Franz( franzella)
-Hong( Hong) | Nominee
-Josh( joshgillespie)
-Layla( LaylaLove)
-Chandler( Chandelier) | Nominee
-Tim( tbrown_47) | Head of Household

-The Jury-

-Mark( Mrkk)
-Jack( J4ckWilko)
-Nate( nateclove)
-Rocky( humanwebjet1)

Since there are only 6 of you left, everyone gets go compete this week!

-The Veto-

This competition is called “OTEV: The Sole Survivor”.

Are you familiar with OTEV houseguests? OTEV is a being that shows up once a season, but always in a different form!

This season, he is appearing as a sole survivor of the zombie outbreak.

This competition is very simple.

OTEV is looking for weapons. Each weapon has the names of two previously evicted houseguests from this season on it.

Each round, he will give you a clue as to which 2 houseguests he is looking for. You need to EMAIL me which 2 houseguests he is referring to as soon as possible.

If you’re incorrect, you will be eliminated.

However, if you are the LAST houseguest to give me an answer, you will be eliminated if everyone else is correct.

This will continue until only one player is left. That player will win the Power of Veto!

The competition will begin at 3:30 PM (Central) today. Hope to see you there!

-Round 1-

Bring me the names of the two evicted male returnees!

And remember, EMAIL me your answers!


The correct answer was... Nate and Jack.

We have 2 players who didn’t answer. However, they will stay in the game for now because 2 players were incorrect!

After a tiebreaker, Layla is out of the game and Hong will still play!

-Round 2-

Bring me the names of the houseguests who went home during the double eviction!


The correct answer was... Yawn and Mark.

Tim answered INCORRECTLY. He has been eliminated!

-Round 3-

Bring me the names of the houseguests who were NOt evicted by a house vote!


The correct answer was... Mark and Jake.

Everyone finally answered correctly! Well... except Chandler, who hasn’t answered this whole time.

Chandler has been eliminated!

-Round 4-

Bring me the names of the houseguests who Yawn nominated for eviction!


The correct answer was... Lex and Rocky.

Let’s see who answered last!

Sorry Josh, you’ve been eliminated!

-Round 5-

Bring me the names of the houseguests who were picked as the THIRD choices by the returnees during the season premiere!


The correct answer was... Tris and Andrew.

Whoever got it first will be the winner!

Congratulations Franz, you have won the Power of Veto!

Will she use it? We may find out soon!


Sent by Hong,Feb 23, 2021
Sent by franzella,Feb 23, 2021
why do my gifs not work anymore... that was worthy competition though Hong <3
Sent by franzella,Feb 23, 2021
congrats franz!! :)
Sent by joshgillespie,Feb 23, 2021
franzella your GIF is working fine on my screen...
Sent by NanoNerd,Feb 23, 2021

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