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Nano’s Big Brother 3: Week 9 Veto Competition

Mar 20, 2020 by NanoNerd
-The Houseguests-

-Aimee( Amnesia_) | Nominee
-Jack( aria_grande)
-Nicky( nijoco)
-Michelle( shellbelle) | Nominee
-Sea( SeaViper) | Head of Household
-Washed( Washed_Ravioli)
-Gabe( skimmilk4)

-The Jury-

-Drew( Tester)
-Akshay( galore)
-Jacob( Lifeiscool)
-Nathan( Nathan132)

This will be the last week where we pick players for the Veto competition. Next week, there will only be 6 houseguests left, and everyone left in the game will get to compete. The final players of the season to be picked to play in the Veto competition are...






Nicky, Washed and Gabe.

The Veto players are Sea, Aimee, Michelle, Nicky, Washed and Gabe.

-The Veto-

This competition is called “Otev: The Cyborg Cat”.

Otev is back! This season he has taken the form of a cyborg cat! He look like something straight out of an anime (because Japan!)

Otev is close to shutting down, and he needs you to help him power back up by finding batteries to recharge himself with!

Each round, Otev will ask you to bring back a battery with the name of 2 evicted houseguests on it. You must bring back the correct battery to move on.

(Note: all you really have to do is email me the correct answer. I just like the Otev competitions and I like to make up my own)

If you are the last person to bring back the correct battery, you will be eliminated if everyone else is correct. This will continue until only one houseguest remains! That houseguest will then win the Power of Veto!

When answering, please give me the names of the houseguests and not their usernames.


In Round 1, Aimee and Gabe didnt answer and were eliminated.

In Round 2, Sea was the last to answer and was eliminated.

In Round 3, Nicky was the last to answer and was eliminated.

In Round 4, Michelle was the first to answer and won the game!

Congratulations Michelle, you've won the Power of Veto! The veto ceremony will be tomorrow, although it may be a little later than usual. Until then, have a nice day :D



Grats Michelle!
Sent by SeaViper,Mar 21, 2020
UK people have no chance with these lives and semi lives
I won't stay up past 2am waiting for a DM.
Sent by nijoco,Mar 21, 2020
I give up.
Sent by nijoco,Mar 21, 2020

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