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Blog Big Brother Season 1 - PoV Competition #3

Nov 25, 2020 by Mrkk
Tyler ( Eagles3256) - Nominee
Ryan ( Typhlosion37)
Tim ( tbrown_47)
Drew ( Tester)
Ellie ( Vessas)
Shane ( Scodawg79)
Michelle ( michland143) - Head Of Household
Hana ( HanaL117)
Hong ( Hong)
Colin ( ColinCoco) - Nominee
Anton ( AntonB)
Sony ( kingjames13)

Welcome back to "Blog Big Brother" Season 1!

It's day 11 in the house, let's see what is happening!

Michelle has decided to nominate Tyler and Colin and now it's time for the next PoV challenge!

Whoever wins it will have the chance to save a nominee from eviction, BUT in case HoH wins PoV, nothing will change and if a nom wins PoV automatically it'll be used on themselves!

Now it's time to choose the players! (The same 3 players chosen randomly in Week 1 can't play)

The 3 randomly chosen players to compete for PoV are...
DREW ( Tester)
SHANE ( Scodawg79)
TIM ( tbrown_47)

So, Michelle, Tyler, Colin, Drew, Shane & Tim will compete for the Veto!!

Here is the challenge! It's called "Super Rankings"

For this challenge you will have to rank the other 5 houseguests playing Veto from best to worst and you will receive points based on those rankings.

Simple and fast challenge that can be done easily, BUT future challenges will be harder and I hope that you guys will understand them.

For now, this is the challenge so good luck on being ranked, you can also talk with people and ask to be ranked this place.

Good luck!

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Sent by Vessas,Nov 25, 2020
I still gonna give Drew 30 minutes, then results will be uploaded
Sent by Mrkk,Nov 26, 2020
Mrkk lol I did
Sent by Tester,Nov 26, 2020
tester im gonna count yours lol, im busy studying rn so results are coming later
Sent by Mrkk,Nov 26, 2020

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