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Hi all Oct 28, 2020
I'm sure most of you don't care(and many of u are thrilled) but I'm definitely leaving tengaged for the foreseeable future. This website is so toxic and people always are trying to find a way to bring each other down . I don't think this website is contributing well to my life and honestly it has made me a bitter and nasty person, both irl and online. 


If u ever want to talk , my Skype is


And snap is

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Tbh I've been saying this for years Oct 28, 2020
But this community literally has the most toxic population imaginable. It's actually quite comforting to know that literally anywhere else has better ppl.
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Not ppl Oct 28, 2020
Trying to sabotage my own chat... weird. But I know who my true friends are now.
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Did whoopi rly get canceled for this Oct 28, 2020
I love Bush, but somebody’s giving Bush a bad name. I want to put Bush back where it belongs, and I don’t mean the White House. So you’ve got to get out there and vote.”

LMAOO wtf..
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No one Oct 27, 2020
Likes me
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Thats it! Oct 27, 2020
I'm no longer stressing myself out from high school!
I am on cruise control for the rest of the year I do not CARE
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