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i wish bad girls

Apr 13, 2018 by MIchelle990
had a season 3 of bad girls all star battle it would be really fun to watch and gives season 12-17 not counting season 13 a chance to play i think have from or 2 from each season from 1-17 and see which season is actually the baddest or just bring underrated girls like people who left first after 1 day or something give them a chance and i want to see KRISTEN KELLY and Elease and camila again

my bgasb3 wish list (for each season)
1. Aimee season 1
2. Tanisha and maybe cordelia for seaon 2
3. Amber again for season 3
4. Portia and Natalie from season 4  (maybe flo and kendra)
5. Lea, Kristin and Christina from season 5
6. Char, Jade and Ashley from season 6
7. Priscilla, Judi again and Angie/tiara
8. victor twins, elease and camila, amy, the girl who left first on it cant remember her name
9. Andrea, Mehgan, Christina, Erica (wanted/should be  her in bgasb2 cos of her leg)
10. Alicia, shannon, nancy, paula
11. Sarah, Gigi, teresa, shanae and obvs andrea/janelle
12. Alex, Jada, Loren, britt, redd (my no.1 pic for bgasb3 from season 12)
14. Jelamiah and the twins and maybe liz
15. kristina and angela, allison and melissa
16. Elladria, Kallie, Kandy (Maybe tabatha with her for drama_, brynesha, STEPHANIE I LIVE FOR HER
17. Seven, Briana, Keyaira, susan

thats my thing

#casting #bgasb #antm #survivor #bbcan6


Jaz and Jaimee
Sent by Aidan0621,Apr 13, 2018
My dream cast would include a mix of these people (not putting anyone that played on seasons 1 or 2):
4- Kate
5- Lea, Kristen, Morgan, Cat, Brandi, Christina (so many iconic people from S5)
6- Wilma, Char, Nikki, Lauren
7- Tiara
9- Ashley, Rima
14- Clermont twins + Jela
15- Kristina and Angela, Hanan and Susu
16- Winter, Dreamdoll, Sua, Brynesha
17- Briana, Kiyanna, Sayyora
Sent by tharealmike,Apr 13, 2018
my fav bad girls are brianna sarah susan megan
Sent by patricenka9,Apr 16, 2018

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