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rupaul Big brother uk series 1 episode 1

May 17, 2018 by MIchelle990
20 drag queens  come to big brother to win 1,000,000 and a place in season 2 who will win find out right now

1. Shannel
2. Nicole paige brooks
3. Delta work
4. Willam
5. Detox
6. Vivacious
7. Miss fame
8. Laila mcqueen
9. Nina bo nina brown
10. Dusty ray bottoms
11. Tammie brown
12.  Raven
13.  Mimi Imfurst
14. Latrice royale
15. Honey Mahogany
16. Milk
17. Jasmine masters
18. Kim chi
19. Charlie hides
20. Vanessa vanjie mateo

drag queens with 3 or more nominations will be up for eviction

Shannel: Charlie hides and Tammie brown
Nicole paige brooks: Delta work and Kim chi
Delta work: Detox and Dusty ray bottoms
Willam: Honey Mahogany and Nicole paige brooks
Detox: Dusty ray bottoms and Tammie brown
Vivacious: Honey mahogany and Raven
Miss fame: Milk and Latrice Royale
Laila mcqueen: Willam and Nicole paige brooks
Nina bo nina brown: Jasmine Masters and Shannel
Dusty ray bottoms: Shannel and Delta work
Tammie brown: Charlie hides and Willam
Raven: Dusty ray bottoms and Shannel
Mimi Imfurst: Charlie hides and Willam
Latrice royale: Charlie hides and Miss fame
Honey Mahogany: Dusty ray bottoms and Miss fame
Milk: Honey Mahogany and Willam
Jasmine masters: Honey mahogany and Delta work
Kim chi: Dusty ray bottoms and Jasmine masters
Charlie hides: Laila mcqueen and Latrice royale
Vanessa vanjie mateo : Charlie hides and Milk

results of nominations

Shannel 3
Nicole paige brooks 2
Delta work 3
Willam 4
Detox 1
Vivacious 0
Miss fame 2
Laila mcqueen 1
Nina bo nina brown 0
Dusty ray bottoms 4
Tammie brown 2
Raven 1
Mimi Imfurst 0 (how ironic)
Latrice royale 2
Honey Mahogany 4
Milk 2
Jasmine masters 1
Kim chi 0
Charlie hides 5
Vanessa vanjie mateo 0

so people up are

Charlie hides
Delta work
Honey Mahogany

who will be first queen to go home vote now

#casting #bbuk #bb18 #bb19  #rpdr


I vote to evict Charlie.  SHANNEL BETTER WIN❤️❤️❤️
Sent by amur9147,May 17, 2018

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