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why are people so up in arms Sep 23, 2021
at the survivor change? who cares. remind me of ur gender again? correct, YOU'RE A BOY.
Points: 6 4 comments
good ones soty Sep 2, 2021
Points: 17 1 comments
can u feel my vegan vegan pussy Aug 15, 2021
my vegan vegan vegan CUNT
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is this seasons australian survivor good? Aug 10, 2021
Points: 30 4 comments
marinas new album GORJUS Jun 12, 2021
we don’t know love & fear. that is not cannon in her discography <3
Points: 38 4 comments
my avi is fuckin gorgeous Jun 5, 2021
and as u all pick ur jaw up off the floor at my avis serve u should rly have a shrine of slice and declare him as THE best designer on this site. amen <3
Points: 66 3 comments