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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

bb15 was an iconic season

Sep 24, 2020 by MISSimogen
carried on the back of queen amanda zuckerman. she truly left no crumbs that season and had a nerdy pizza boy eating from the palm of her hand. its a TRAVESTY she has not been brought back


Amen sister
Sent by Crayadian,Sep 24, 2020
She would have been the perfect villain had she not made all those racist comments
Sent by Letal,Sep 24, 2020
letal why is everything always about race with you
Sent by Crayadian,Sep 24, 2020
I love how she called Andy “faggety Anne” because it’s true
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Sep 24, 2020
crayadian because amanda was a violent racist on the most racist season on BB where every storyline revolved around race?
Sent by Yaxha,Sep 24, 2020
Crayadian Inequality isn't addressed by being silent.
Sent by MarcoBrolo,Sep 24, 2020

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