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my old blogs were high camp Jan 14, 2022
Points: 13 2 comments
was this season of ahs good Dec 15, 2021
the first one i havent watched since i felt like we've seen the plot so many times and looked a bit shite, wots the verdict ladies?
Points: 13 1 comments
she deserves her pussy ate several times Dec 8, 2021
for making this
Points: 29 2 comments
this davinci outfit makes me look Nov 27, 2021
fat as F*CK! i believe there should be some sort of refund system implemented #unhappycustomer!!!!
Points: 17 1 comments
nothing fills me with more immense joy Nov 27, 2021
when i say good afternoon when its actually morning. im currently studying the art of gaslighting. you will have people twitching, wondering, confuzzled and dazed and it gives me that buzz
Points: 15 3 comments
if ur mad at me for rehoming my transphobic dog Nov 26, 2021
consider what that says about you. she said i don’t have the shoulders for halter tops
Points: 67 3 comments