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my makeup was so #glam today (pic) Nov 15, 2021
imagepls be kind i’m still learning😢
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shop owners fix the f*ck up! Nov 13, 2021
i have this fat stack of t$ accumulated and for WHAT?! u lot better buck ur ideas up because these are the worst garments I've EVER clapped my eyes on. im at my witts end!!!!! #unhappycustomer
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i just love lying and being deceitful Nov 2, 2021
it gives me that buzz and fills me with so much joy. my co-worker asks “what did you have for dinner” i had sesame seeded wholemeal bread with avocado, lettuce and ham and i showered it all down with an iced coffee. NO I DID NOT.. but i just thrive in the chaos of it all
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most underrated survivor queen Oct 27, 2021
has got to be MONICA CULPEPPER. she is simple and yummy, perfect crunch. salty and feminine, makes me feel like a woman. girls like me LOVE monica culpepper.. as a treat. divine feminine energy <3
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i just think it’s funny how… Oct 24, 2021
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dragula season 4 is gona DEVOUR Oct 12, 2021
anything drag race has done in a decade. u can keep ur sissy little cr*cker show! mama is eating good this halloween <3
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