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Sep 20, 2018 by Luna_tic


im WHEEZING at neither of us did shit for the tribe!
We played the challenges until the last day. 
I got the highest score on day 1 when soccer  DIDNT PLAY.
oh and sjsoccer88 do you really think Minnie didn't know the plan?  PMSL.
Sent by nijoco,Sep 20, 2018
I cared enough about the tribe to try and sway some people to see sense and vote out the worse competitors, not just pick off people I knew.
keep fooling yourself that all this wasn't just about you- point all the fingers you can, stops you looking like a selfish dick.
Sent by nijoco,Sep 20, 2018
Hypocrisy is rife when you came in day one and took every single supply we had, just because you wanted Tara out. Which I get, personal vendettas and all that, but it could have waited, the lowest scorers should have gone first and then Tara when we were safer but obviously it was only ever about you merging and I'm gutted for Jess that she didn't see it coming.
Sent by nijoco,Sep 20, 2018
nijoco tbf I did stop playing when it was just a couple of us versus all of them, but yeah before that I was 100% in. And YES! I always spoke to Minnie and she knew what was happening. That last vote came as a surprise but she never once blamed any of us.
Sent by Luna_tic,Sep 20, 2018
no im not mad at anyone......i just didnt like getting a mail from soccer asking why i was throwing at the beginning when i was not throwing
and especially like u said he didnt even play the first comp
Sent by Minniemax,Sep 20, 2018
minniemax my first challenge didn’t save fuck off
And nijoco I was referring to Luna purposely drinking and eating all of our food and never playing her last 5 challenges. So yea she fucked the tribe and Minnie over. I never said anything about Minnie not knowing what went on besides when she was voted because Luna fucked her over which is what happened!
Sent by sjsoccer88,Sep 20, 2018
Minnie knew Luna was going to do that, we discussed all options and possibilities.
Sent by nijoco,Sep 20, 2018
sjsoccer88 I’m not stupid, if I didn’t kpell y’all would’ve voted me out and then Minnie next anyway, she was at the bottom of your totem pole bc as you called her she was Tara’s “sheep” and it was clear to everyone you weren’t a big fan of Tara. Don’t try to turn this around on me and make it look like it was solely my fault Minnie was out.
Sent by Luna_tic,Sep 20, 2018

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