Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Nov 1, 2018 by Luna_tic


Jettsmith7 thought you’d appreciate this
Sent by Luna_tic,Nov 1, 2018
i honestly do not understand any of this lmaoooo
Sent by Minniemax,Nov 1, 2018
Minniemax omg mom soooo much drama it’s hilarious. These two girls who are probably multis are hounding everyone else left and one of them is claiming that if I don’t vote her out she’ll have me blocked from tg since she works with them
Sent by Luna_tic,Nov 1, 2018
xDDDDDDD you're right, i think that too
Sent by ToxicPussy,Nov 1, 2018
So basically we're all voting off the multi who wants to be saved
Sent by Jettsmith7,Nov 1, 2018

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