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Sep 13, 2018 by Luna_tic


whats the difference between a dead baby and a porche?

i dont have a porche in my garage
Sent by EbonyGothChild666,Sep 13, 2018
I only know racist jokes but I鈥檓 pretty sure those will get me banned
Sent by Fetish,Sep 13, 2018
Fetish omg now I really need to hear some! If they鈥檙e really bad pm me lol I love racist jokes especially bc sometimes I鈥檓 the subject of them
Sent by Luna_tic,Sep 13, 2018

This is where I got my joke from lolol
Sent by cal96,Sep 13, 2018
i'd get banned LOL
Sent by TR1364,Sep 13, 2018
Omg yes TR1364 tell me! If it鈥檚 too offensive pm me!
Sent by Luna_tic,Sep 13, 2018
cal96 my mind is still blown that you picked Timmy鈥檚 parents over the girl being burned alive as your favorite 馃槀
Sent by Luna_tic,Sep 13, 2018

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