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Say what you want about Jordan

5thSep 8, 2011 by LuluPi
but she was an integral part of the veterans' success this season. Her relationships with Kalia and Shelly helped sway their votes week 1 and she single-handedly beat all of the newbies in the second HoH competition. From that point on, the newbies were dead men walking and all of the veterans had considerable targets themselves except her.

This was practically the only scenario where Jordan could be evicted because NO ONE was going to evict Jordan except Porsche. More so than winning competitions, Big Brother is about establishing relationships that further you in the game, which Jordan has done better than anyone else this season.

If that's not a deserving player, I don't know what is.


agreed !!
Sent by 123npb123,Sep 8, 2011
Sent by Scheuerman14,Sep 8, 2011
You're so right!
Sent by Gemma17,Sep 8, 2011
She is nice by nature!
Sent by rock_on88,Sep 8, 2011
it was evel dick that swayed shelly in the first vote before he left
Sent by talldude_1031,Sep 8, 2011
I hope rachel wins
Sent by Indie,Sep 8, 2011
Credit for swaying Shelly can't really go to one person because all of the veterans were working for votes. I merely argued that she helped just as much as the other vets, if not more than most of them.
Sent by LuluPi,Sep 8, 2011
I plussed this even though I hate Jordan -_-
Sent by iDannielle,Sep 8, 2011
She's definitely a nice girl - just wish she hadn't got in the Rachel crowd tbh.
She did relationships the best, I'll agree with that.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Sep 8, 2011
Dick got Kalia and Shelly to work with them.

And Jordan had that HoH thrown to her, suspiciously on the only HoH that wasnt picked by random order.
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 8, 2011
Regardless of whether 2 out 8 people threw it to her at the end, she still beat the 6 newbies that assured that the veteran alliance would remain in power. Her score of 3 would have beat all of the newbies regardless of when she putted.

Besides who's to say she wouldn't have beaten Jeff and Brendon anyway? People don't discredit Britney's HoH win even though Matt threw it and I don't think it's fair to do it to Jordan. A win is a win.
Sent by LuluPi,Sep 8, 2011
I love her<3
Sent by Jennifer101,Sep 8, 2011
Sent by Chemicalali,Sep 8, 2011
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Sent by sokerdude7,Sep 9, 2011
This deserves a top blog, like all ur other ones <3
Sent by Abrogate,Sep 9, 2011
I concur.
Sent by FlameonX,Sep 9, 2011
Sent by SexyBanana,Sep 9, 2011
Agreed 100%

The ONLY way Jordan was NOT going to win was if Adam won HoH and Porsche won veto...and it unfortunately happened.

Jordan's social game is UNRIVALED, and I truly believe she has the best social game in BB history, if she were able to think and visualize the game better she'd be invinsible, but she unintentionally sets herself up to do good 90% of the time.
Sent by Uskyld,Sep 9, 2011
please write my name in this blog
Sent by gbold1,Sep 9, 2011
Jordan's social game is UNRIVALED, and I truly believe she has the best social game in BB history, if she were able to think and visualize the game better she'd be invinsible, but she unintentionally sets herself up to do good 90% of the time.
Nakomis BB5? Nakomis had a great social and competition gameplay. The only reason she was evicted (also at the final four) was because she probably would of won the final HoH quite easily, and had a lot of friends in the jury. (Like Jordan) The difference is, Nakomis won challenges. xD
Sent by Skiitles,Sep 9, 2011
I don't think that Jordan's "social game" is her intentionally trying to play the game.  I'm not sure if she really got Shelly/Kalia to flip; I think that the reason Kalia voted Keith out was because he was rude to her and blamed her for being a snake or something.  Whatever the case, I think that her social game in the beginning was cancelled out by aligning with Jeff, who got people to work with him by bullying them.  Also, it was completely stupid of her and Jeff to make a Final 3 deal with Shelly while Rachel was in the room pretend sleeping.
Also, the HoH she won was pretty much luck.
Sent by tofutime,Sep 9, 2011
Jordan would have been out if pandora's box was not opened.

Rachel won POV, so that meant Jordan was the only vet on the block.

PANDORA's BOX saved jordan.
Sent by JeffW,Sep 9, 2011
<33 Jeff & Jordan
Sent by Balls,Sep 9, 2011
YES LULU YES GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by itsohsobjork,Sep 9, 2011
"Her relationships with Kalia and Shelly helped sway their votes week 1"

That's nothing, but BULLSHIT. It was Dick who helped get Shelly. He even said it himself, he had a long talk with Shelly about coming to the vet's side... and she said she was already planning to etc.. Jordan had NOTHING to do with that. And when it comes to Kalia.. she flipped cause of Keith calling her out. LOL @ Cat Ladies on Tengaged too.

Now about the 2nd HOH competition... let's face it, Big Brother has NEVER let the HOH choose the order but all of a sudden they let Rachel choose the order? It used to be a random draw!! Of course the vets had an advantage considering they were the last 3 people to compete. At that point they knew what they needed to gun for to win... Jordan went and then Brendon/Jeff who had a chance to win it THREW it.

I'll repeat it...


ALSO, she had NO social game. She's social, but she has no social game, there's a difference.... now SHELLY is the one who had the social game. She had everyone trusting her.

Anyways I'll repeat it again...



Jordan didn't sway Shelly/Kalia

Sent by WillyEx,Sep 9, 2011
Sent by WillyEx,Sep 9, 2011
Jordan was worthless.
Sent by tbrown86,Sep 9, 2011
Willy's right to be honest.
Sent by Teddybear,Sep 9, 2011
Shoulda BEEN IN f3
Everything in THIS BLOG is RIGHT

<3 loveslulu
Sent by RiDsTeR,Sep 9, 2011
Ugh LOVES Jordan's game being so CONTROVERSIAL <3
Sent by Uskyld,Sep 9, 2011
Sent by ILoveSleep,Sep 9, 2011
danielle bb3 had a better social game =/
Sent by CocoaBean,Sep 9, 2011
Exactly what Willyex said. Sorry Jordan doesn't play the game intentianlly or w.e she is just nice and people don't wanna put her up.
Sent by Timster,Sep 9, 2011
go jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Sent by Juliette,Sep 9, 2011
- FUCKING 9. Jordan did exactly what she did in her season. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!
Sent by Waterprince,Sep 9, 2011

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