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what a nice welcome Mar 24, 2013

clearly soker loves me the most

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GEMMA! <3 Oct 16, 2011
imageyou're too good to me, thanks so much!
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Say what you want about Jordan Sep 8, 2011
but she was an integral part of the veterans' success this season. Her relationships with Kalia and Shelly helped sway their votes week 1 and she single-handedly beat all of the newbies in the second HoH competition. From that point on, the newbies were dead men walking and all of the veterans had considerable targets themselves except her.

This was practically the only scenario where Jordan could be evicted because NO ONE was going to evict Jordan except Porsche. More so than winning competitions, Big Brother is about establishing relationships that further you in the game, which Jordan has done better than anyone else this season.

If that's not a deserving player, I don't know what is.
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LMAO wtf Aug 23, 2011
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*prepares to give my jury speech* Aug 21, 2011
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Thanks Jenn! Aug 2, 2011
imageyoure the best
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